Wireless Internet Plans

All packages include unlimited data, 3 email accounts, and no contracts. Static IP address available with justification. Wireless speeds may vary depending on location and environment. $100 installation fee for all packages.

Residential Wireless

5 mbps

$ 55

Per Month5 mbps download / 2 mbps upload

Web browsing, email and audio streaming


10 mbps

$ 70

Per Month10 mbps download / 3 mbps upload

2-3 users, gaming, and HD video streaming


15 mbps

$ 85

Per Month15 mbps download / 5 mbps upload

HD video streaming with multiple users


20 mbpsFastest Speeds Available

$ 100

Per Month20 mbps download / 5 mbps upload

Download and upload large files faster


Business Wireless

  •  Static IP address
  • 10 mbps upload on all packages
  • CPE and router management/monitoring
  • $150 installation fee / $300 dedicated equipment installation fee

15 mbps

$ 100

Per Month SIGN UP

30 mbps

$ 125

Per Month SIGN UP

45 mbps

$ 150

Per Month SIGN UP

60 mbpsFastest Speeds Available

$ 175

Per Month SIGN UP

Managed Router Services

Yakama Nation Networks is now offering managed router services.

Why Go Wireless?

  • Yakama Nation Networks is a fixed wireless ISP, providing last mile connection from one of our many towers to the roof of your house or business.
  • Wireless has the benefit of being able to connect anywhere in which we have line of sight to one of our towers.
  • Stable, low latency connection thanks to our hybrid fiber/wireless infrastructure.
  • Wireless technology is rapidly increasing in quality, reliability, and speed, providing a better service for our customers.